Oxford Colloid Group

We are a research group led by Dirk Aarts and Roel Dullens in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Oxford. Our main experimental techniques are optical microscopy, particle synthesisoptical manipulation, image analysis and microfluidics, which we use to investigate key problems in soft condensed matter using colloids. Our work is predominantly supported by the ERC, the EPSRC, the Royal Society and industrial collaborations.

We always welcome applications from promising students. If you are a third-year undergraduate student considering joining the group for your Part II research, then feel free to check out our research pages and contact Dirk or Roel by email to discuss potential projects. You may also wish to check out what the current cohort of Part IIs are up to!

Welcome to all of our new group members

Oxford Colloid Group undergoes rapid expansion

The Oxford Colloid Group is pleased to announce the arrival of twelve new members in recent months.

First to arrive at the beginning of September was a new Marie Curie Fellow, Dr Ivo Buttinoni, who joins us from the Isa group at ETH Zurich and will work on active matter and driven systems in the group, with a particular focus on stochastic thermodynamics and optical manipulation.

At the end of September we were joined by our latest cohort of Part IIs: Miranda Bell-Davies, Ruth Bradley, Han Sol Jeon, Jeroen Rijks, Muhammad Sulaiman and Caitlin Tickell. They will be with us for twelve months while they complete the final year of their MChem degrees, which in Oxford is devoted entirely to research.

Finally, at the beginning of October, we were reunited with Balkis Dohni and Carla Fernandez Rico, who have both previously completed research internships in the group, as well as previous Part II students Lachlan Alexander, Joseph Hutchinson and Nicholas Orr. They have all joined the group as DPhil students and are excited to get their teeth into their projects.

More details on individuals can be found on our People pages.

Note that Nicholas Orr was absent on the day of the photographs.

Roel Dullens gives Plenary Lecture at Liquids 2017

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